Nycol -Earths Explorer

We had another chance to hang out with one of our friends from Around the Natn. Meet Nycol.

Using three adjectives that start with the letter “I”, describe yourself?
Innovative, intelligent, icy

What is your least favorite thing to do?
Being idle. I hate feeling unproductive.

Why did you choose to go (apple picking)?
I figured going apple picking would be a fun fall activity that would be something different

What are you most talented at?
Writing Poetry.

Coke or Pepsi?
Depends on if I’m eating pasta or pizza. Coke with Pasta, Pepsi with Pizza.

How do you inspire others?
I believe that my optimism, faith, and creativity in adverse situations is inspirational. I try really hard to make the most out of every situation and create beauty of and/or make do with the things that I have, even if at times it seems like nothing. I think it’s important for us to view everything we have, everything around us, as a gift from God. When you walk through life with praise tinted glasses, you can sometimes create beauty out of adversity, and you learn to appreciate everyday a little more.

Would you rather live one 1,000 year life or ten 100 year lives?
Ten 100 year lives. I would reinvent myself and be a different person every life.

What do you like most about ICONNATN?
My favorite thing about ICONNATN is their commitment and dedication to putting an immense amount of love and hard work into every product they produce. I really feel like when I buy or wear a product from the Natn I’m supporting people that truly care about me.

What is your favorite clothing item from ICONNATN?
My favorite clothing item from ICONNATN is the Black Lion Logo T-shirt.

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