Cut & Sew

We are excited to introduce the newest member of the ICONNATN fleet. Sounds super official right. Seriously though, we would like to introduce our first cut and sew piece, our very own plaid flannel button up.

This season embraces our continued approach of bringing you sustainable quality goods. Our newest collection shows our love and appreciation for the personality of each and every piece with the introduction of our very own cut and sew button up shirt. Starting off with hand selecting the fabric, carefully designing the pattern, selecting buttons and creating tags. We even got opportunity to personally cut the fabric as a part of this process. The shirt combines the familiar flavor of a plaid design, with a classic yet new aged fit and a modern fit characterized by a slight scoop. In order to ensure the process was done in line with the quality and standards you are use to, we teamed up with a boutique US manufacturer and got to work! You can preview some of the action in the recap video featuring our very own founder Lorenzo Nichols.

We’re back again with new and past looks always maintaining our versatility to be worn in limitless styles. We are eager to continue to do all we can to keep you coming back by bringing you quality, sustainability and freshness while maintaining our identity and paying attention to the smallest details. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our Pop-Up Shops, Natn Ambassador openings and special packs and off-season releases. Follow us on social media and show us how you sport your ICONNATN and become a part of The Natn. THANK YOU. Have Faith. Dream Big. Inspire All.

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